Invitation to the ballet.

My cup of tea

Long term care study

The end of French rule in Cameroon

China and Japan in our museums

California Land Conservation Act of 1965 (Williamson Act) and related open space provisions

A playground movement confidence inventory for elementary school children

Garden of evil

review of the rise, progress and tendency of the present system of national policy.

No exit ; & The flies

Prelude to Il pomo doro (1667) Transcribed for brass choir by Bernard Fitzgerald.

The native races of the Indian Archipelago

prose poem anthology

Low-profile, light-weight intermodal railcar


Spanish and Italian homes of real character and distinction ...

Peace science

Gerald Fitzgerald, the great earl of Kildare (1456-1513)


A dead level, and other episodes ...


Water-quality, bed-sediment, and biological data (October 1995 through September 1996) and statistical summaries of data for streams in the upper Clark Fork basin, Montana

Scheme for the certification of competence of demolition operatives.

The porch book

Health Information On-Line, 1996.

Fact-book on Italians in Canada

Pediatric nursing clinical guide

The Executioners

Supplementary occupations and incomes of cocoa farmers in the Suhum agricultural district of Ghana

effect of observation by experimenters differing in authority on gross motor performance..

Letter to a member of Parliament, concerning the subject matter of the equivalent.

Yugoslav foreign trade almanac: business guide.

Physiological psychology.

Workshop on Drug Testing in the Workplace

Stop the carnival

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Principles of genetics.

Africanity and the Black Family



Strategies for family law in Texas

Wood Engraving

What one civic league has done

Great Pyramid and current events with special reference to the significance of its second low passage including anexplanation of its chronology and the correct manner in which it should be read.

Interim report [s] on the construction and ventilation of potters drying stoves


First epistle general of Peter


Simply ices

The muses blossoms: or, juvenile poems

Cases & materials on copyright practice


Carrickmacross Lace

quest of the ballad

Essays on archaeological typology

Florence Nightingale

church and modern life

How to work the competition into the ground and havefun doing it

Government response to the ODPM Select Committee Report on social cohesion.

Young people and alcohol

Music in worship

Report of the Social Science Research Council, April-March.

The self-control classroom

The battle of Seven Pines

Readings upon the Liturgy and other divine offices of the Church.

Changing contexts, shifting meanings

The Titan.

BASIC tricks for the IBM

Justice in the marketplace

Njabala the Lazy One (Kachere)

Virtual & augmented reality

Married for money

Transonic unsteady aerodynamics and aeroelasticity

Supplement protocol no 10 amending the agreement of September 19th 1950 for the establishment of a European Payments Union. miscellaneous no 13.presented to Parliment by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs by command of Her Majesty Government..

The cost of the world war to Germany and to Austria-Hungary

millenium of Russian Orthodoxy


The royal invitation and loyal responses

Dual regulation of a chimeric plant serine/threonine kinase by calcium and calcium/calmodulin

Autobiography of Allen Jay

Two epistles of James Naylors


Cost-cutting strategies for the Park and Recreation Agency

Duden Etymologie (Duden 7)

Recommendations of the Ontario Committee on Taxation


Chilan Balam of Tekax.

Build with adobe.

films of Mae West

Draft environmental impact statement

Optimal Chebyshev polynomials on ellipses in the complex plane

Price discrimination and related problems under the Robinson-Patman Act

The Miscellaneous Works of John Bunyan: Volume 3

Spy trader

close run thing